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hace 17h 19min

Ohki Brothers - Reino Unido

I am looking for various Recycling machines of Henschel, Lindemann, Hoffmann und BHS Sonthofen:
+ Lindemann, Hoffmann or Henschel Preshredder
+ Explicitly Henschel Preshredder for two clients
+ Henschel Hammermill (HS500 level)
+ Lindemann CarShredder
+ BHS Sonthoffen Impactmill and Rotorshredder
+ Spaleck 3D Sieve
Please could you kindly send me Photo, details and blue print of the machine through email, please.
In case you like to get in contact with me, please email me your phone number and more than happy to call you back. .
Thank you and best wishes

hace 10 días 41min

Eli Zohar - Israel

For a client in Africa drying sand for glass production, seeking second hand drum dryer, approx. 1900/2200 mm dia. 9000 mm long, with burner, skid or wheel mounted

hace 17 días 23min

Kostas Grigoriadis - Alemania

I would really apreciate if you could help me to find a metso-nordberg LT1100. Thank you very much!

hace 23 días 37min

Fischer GmbH - Alemania

wir suchen 1-2 Mogensen Sizer
Siebbreite 1,0 m
6 Siebeinsätze

hace 40 días 27min

Maskinhandel-Voigt - Dinamarca

Billige Portafill 2000 Siebanlage,oder Beyer Siebanlage Typ Tandem-Globetrotter
Siebmaschine 2,5 x 1,25 m, 3 Fraktionen

hace 40 días 37min

Maskinhandel-Voigt - Dinamarca

Rubble Master RM 60 Hackenmobil , auch reparaturbedürftige Anlagen anbieten.


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